Kids Work Out

Click on the links below to access a particular assignment, webpage or handout (green = webpage; blue = assignment download):

All Classes:

PhysEd Syllabus-revised 2017 Department

Keys to Success in P.E.

PhysEd Standards 7 & 8

BVM Mile Scales

BVM Fitness Lap Scales

BVM Upper Body & Abdominal Strength Scales

Presidential Physical Fitness Performance Standards – One Mile

Healthy Fitness Zone Charts

VO2 Max Aerobic Capacity Lookup Tables – BOYS

VO2 Max Aerobic Capacity Lookup Table – GIRLS

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Children’s Healthy Body Fat Ranges


8th Grade Classes:

Sportsmanship Cluster Chart

Adult Obesity in the United States

Common Square Dance Terms

Square Dance Vocabulary

Functions Of The Heart and Functions of the Heart Diagram Worksheet

Major Skeletal Muscles + Chart

EOC Study Guide – 8th Grade – Semester One

Game Creation 8th Grade

Soccer Positions Review

“Why Exercise Is Wise” Article and Discussion Questions

“How Much Sleep Do I Need?” Article

Super Size Me Discussion Questions

7th Grade Classes:

“Fed Up” Worksheet

Fitness Resolution

Physical Education Vocabulary and Physical Education Vocabulary Worksheet

“Sportsmanship” Article and PE Article Report

10 Tips for a Healthy Meal and My Plate Assignment

“Energy Drinks and Food Bars: Power or Hype” Article and The Truth About Energy Drinks and Food Bars

Multicultural Dance

Game Creation 7

EOC Study Guide – 7th Grade – Semester One

EOC Study Guide – 7th Grade – Semester Two

Seven Principles of Exercise + Worksheet

Orienteering Worksheets 1-4

Super Size Me Discussion Questions

“Self Defense” Article and Self Defense Article Review

Middle School Intramural Sports:

SUHSD Sports Liability Waiver

**Required of all athletes to try out and play Middle School Intramural Sports.

Insurance Enrollment

**Required of all Middle School Intramural Sports Athletes if other insurance is not in effect.


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